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The Octagon Integrative Value Model is the foundational model to our enterprise, our strategy and our work. It states that the purpose of the corporation is to maximize the well-being of the three primary integrative value parties in the corporate structure: (i) customers; (ii) employees; and (iii) shareholders or owners. This model therefore views value not as a linear process, but an integrative and reciprocal relationship between many parties – in fact, if one of these parties is absent, the corporation cannot thrive. Although monetary flow is part of each value exchange, this model aligns with our view that maximizing returns is not a purpose, but is the modality of exchange and measurement for a purpose. Thus, our theoretical foundation is rooted in the perspective of integrative value and in considering what that means for generating maximized profits and ensuring the sustainability of success – that is, creating a business that is going to thrive in the long-term.


To see integrative value is nothing more than to see the full picture.




Quadrant integration is our approach to execution. Working within the perspective and paradigm of integrative value, our objective is therefore to facilitate and create real-world efficacy and implementation. We focus in on the four core capabilities that are essential to strategy for any enterprise, in any industry. These are: (i) personnel; (ii) marketing; (iii) finance and (iv) operations.

We recognize each of these as unique forms of capital, which align with our view of value. For example, human capital aligns with our view of employees as a core value-creating party, and market capital aligns with our view of customers as a core value-creating party. Then, financial and structural capital are the influences of viability and efficiency, which create the infrastructure for profit, aligning with the larger shareholder view. Therefore, our service platform is focused on these capabilities and their relationship to both value and profit, and our infrastructure built around facilitating those services in the best way possible.